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Dr. Karl Daxl

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Prof. Dr. Stoyan Sarg Sargoytchev

On a possibility for analysis of the COVID-19 proteins by BSM-SG atomic models with a purpose of modification by proper drugs
The BSM-SG models of the atoms could be useful in understanding the COVID-19 and other viruses with the purpose of modification of the proteins involved in channel activity. The BSM-SG models are different from the quantum mechanical models while possessing a few advantages. Amongst them are the possibility to operate with real physical dimensions in the sub-nanometric scale, the visualization of directions of the chemical bonds in molecules, the magnetic field interactions between the orbiting electrons, and the nuclear magnetic moments. These features provide a new opportunity for analysis and modeling of simple and complex molecules. In proteins with the known shape, they will permit an understanding of underlined physics behind their complex three-dimensional shape and its stability. This could permit modification of their shape and properties by using proper chemical compounds as drugs.

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Dr. Ludwig Keilholz
Bayreuth Clinic - University of Erlangen
Radio-immunological Mechanism of anti-inflammatory treatment:
Is there a way from the past into the future?
sponsored by the TWI Institute

Dr. Dorothea Brückl et al.
Practice Dr. Schleicher & Dr. Brückl
Efficacy and Safety of Erythrocytapheresis and Low-Dose Erythropoietin for Treatment of Hemochromatosis

Dr. Ilya Lasarov
On the current importance of salutogenesis

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